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The New Age of Pioneers
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a Better Future

Web and app ALL-IN-ONE!

Introducing “MizaniOne”!
Bold, branded, beautiful.
Built for first time social media marketing and many more.
Let Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace rest for good with the new MizaniOne!
Our powerful tools make it easy for your team to edit on a mobile device for easy Publish-And-Go!
Create a great first impression.and we’ll do the rest!
More than looking great, your guests can connect on your socials media and more …
Made in San Diego
Idea for Fashion stores , hair salons , bar & restaurants, all service businesses, Real Estate , and more
here is sample :



Standing on the rich history and cycles of the past to present, we, the Pioneers, commit ourselves to those who beckon to us from the future, full of challenge, but rich in possibility. 

We embrace servant leadership as our responsibility, all life as precious, and each day as a blessing.

Collectively team MizaniMedia is comprised of a set of product experts and serial entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and expertise within media production, product design & innovation, technology development, brand marketing, economics and finance.

You Deserve Better.
You could have your website built on WordPress, but it wouldn’t be worth it.
WordPress was built for blogs, not small businesses. A good small business website can’t be built on WordPress without the use of unstable plugins that will break your website every time WordPress runs an update. We are a better choice because small businesses are our specialty.
Introducing All new FaceBook, and Amazon Mobile Web & App Platform MizaniOne

  • Automate Your Booking Workflow
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  • Make Your Site Accessible
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  • Website Into A Conversion Machine
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  • Optimize Your Local Search Results
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  • Engagement On-Site Search
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  • Put Your Business At The Top
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