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PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. – Mizani Media | Mizani Apps announces its new fully integrative mobile app that now allows users to create, edit and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web apps.

Developed by Zaino Mizani, the easy-to-use content management system allows for stunning design, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices.

“Today, having a good website just isn’t enough,” said Mizani. “Hundreds of customers are already trying to find your business on their tablets and smartphones. The next logical step is making their mobile experience as good as possible. Why drive customers to your competition?”

The easy-to-use mobile app engages instantly with customers and increases by some 74 percent the probability they will visit. The app opens up new and direct means of communications with existing and new customers as well as ways to manage in-house operations and create customer loyalty.

With blog features and push notifications, retina-ready images to share from your business app, and 72 social networks integration, Mizani Apps are customizable for any business including hotels, restaurants, real estate agents, retail and wholesale outlets.

Restaurants, for example, can feature a food ordering tab for easy take out ordering; a reservations taking tab; an events tab to show what’s happening at the restaurant; and multiple coupon options that encourage customers to return more often; even a tip calculator. One-touch call automatically stores phone numbers.

Other customer-friendly advantages including turn-by-turn GPS directions from anywhere in the world; a GPS coupon feature that unlocks when customers “check in;” and Tell-A-Friend feature with built-in sharing capabilities over email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. A menu conversion feature allows easy navigation of any business information plus multiple ways to contact your business.

An email photo feature provides interactive photo sharing and a native image gallery that displays images optimized for iPhone and Android.

Business owners can manage the app from their mobile devices, see results and track such data as how many users downloaded the app, which platform is most popular, and track dollars spent on items. Such data helps gauge the apps’ overall return on investment.

Mizani Media/Mizani App provides complete secured mobile hosting using iCloud and the latest in data hosting technology with 99.9% uptime for mobile apps.

The customizable
Mizani App starts at $2000 and includes mobile website design and development, technical installation and custom domain masking, analytics setup and profile creation.

Mizani Media will showcase the features that a mobile app brings with a no obligation, live demo. For more information contact
phone 1 (844) 649-2641

About Mizani Media | Mizani App

Mizani Media | Mizani App is a full service mobile marketing agency focused on providing cost-effective mobile marketing tools for businesses, made easy. From iPhone and iPad to HTML 5 applications, Mizani Media |Mizani App delivers mobile apps and websites on every platform.

Mizani Media | Mizani Apps makes mobile app solutions easy by offering white label solutions, mobile applications, mobile website, complete brand customization, applications for small businesses and more.

With headquarters in Palm Springs, Calif., CEO Zaino Mizani and his team of experts have designed and developed thousands of custom web sites for top national brands, celebrities and local companies. Besides web design services, Mizani Media | Mizani App is a full service digital agency and studio that can provide digital advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, photography and video production.

1 (844) 649-2641

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