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Zaino Mizani, creative director and CEO of Mizani Media, announces a new collaboration with Pamela Bieri, a Southern California-based freelance writer and owner of Bieri Marketing & Media Relations, to offer their clients a full spectrum of web and print design solutions and internet marketing strategies along with custom copywriting, press, and public relations strategies.

“Having a beautiful website is just the beginning,” said Mizani, an accomplished graphic designer, retail and internet marketing entrepreneur, and founder of Mizani Media, Creative Branding Studio, in Palm Springs.

“While visual images make an immediate impact, language is also integral to one’s interpretation and understanding. Images inspire emotions; words inspire action. A dynamic collaboration between the visual and verbal is part of our own growth and vitality, and that of our clients.”

Mizani Media’s premium design packages include logo, menu and printed materials design, product and location photography, and custom websites that are integrated with 72 social networks, Google Translate and Map, Instagram, live social streaming as well as Flickr and Vimeo. His One Web program offers a full spectrum of business internet marketing solutions with designs optimized for use in apps, mobile, desktop, HDTV web and print.

“As part of our package we offer mobile app contents for IOS and Android devices starting Fall 2015,” said Mizani.

“Finding just the right word, phrase or statement can make all the difference whether it’s a beautiful website, print brochure or marketing strategy,” said Bieri. “Mizani’s picture perfect images inspire clear, precise and superlative language. Our collaboration aims to deliver the highest level of service that, in turn, brings a high rate of return to our clients.”
Bieri’s start up packages include initial website editorial for landing or home page and product page, as well as brochure copywriting packages and press kits that include targeted media distribution. She is a well-known food, restaurant and lifestyle writer in the desert area, and has represented marketing clients in the hospitality, health, government, non-profit, and agriculture industries.

To schedule an appointment, contact Mizani at 1 (844) MIZANI-1
(1-844-649-2641) or Pam Bieri at (760) 568-4422.

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