Coming Soon New Mizani Apps iOS/Android for your Business

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  • Announcing the new Mizani Apps by Mizani Media

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    Announcing the new Mizani Apps from Mizani Media

    It is now easier than ever to increase your revenue and promote customer loyalty with the roll out of our new App solution.

    Today, a good website just isn’t enough. An app shows your client that your business is cutting edge and wanting to engage with them to make their lives easier. The fact is that your clients, and the rest of the mobile world are using apps more than ever. In 2014, 86% of mobile content and information was accessed within a mobile app, with the remaining 14% via a mobile browser.

    Also, did you know by not having a mobile app you could be sending your business to your competitors? In a recent study 40% of consumer are likely to go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience, meaning a non responsive website.

    Once you accept that hundreds of folks are already trying to find you on their tablets and smartphones, the next logical step is
    making their mobile experience as good as possible.

    Mizani Apps will bring tremendous value to your business by opening up a new & direct means of communication without breaking the bank.

    Here are a few of the benefits of our new mobile app:

    • Build Brand Loyalty
    • Engage Instantly With Clients
    • Interact Using Wall Posts, Photo Galleries & Event Listings
    • Integrate Social Media Accounts, Mailing Lists & In-App Only Offers
    • Manage App From Your Mobile Device

    Bringing your business to the next level lies within a mobile app! Allow Mizani Media to showcase all of the valuable features and benefits that a mobile app could bring your business, with a no obligation, live demo.

    We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow.

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    Pamela Bieri
    Mizani Media
    rbieri@dc.rr.com MIZANI MEDIA AND BIERI MARKETING & MEDIA RELATIONS ANNOUNCE COLLABORATION Now Offering Full Copywriting and Public Relations Packages with One Web

    A Revolutionary App, Mobile, Desktop, HDTV Web & Print Solution
    PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. – (June 12, 2015) Zaino Mizani, creative director and CEO of Mizani Media, announces a new collaboration with Pamela Bieri, a Southern California-based freelance writer and owner of Bieri Marketing & Media Relations, to offer their clients a full spectrum of web and print design solutions and internet marketing strategies along with custom copywriting, press, and public relations strategies.

    “Having a beautiful website is just the beginning,” said Mizani, an accomplished graphic designer, retail and internet marketing entrepreneur, and founder of Mizani Media, Creative Branding Studio, in Palm Springs.

    “While visual images make an immediate impact, language is also integral to one’s interpretation and understanding. Images inspire emotions; words inspire action. A dynamic collaboration between the visual and verbal is part of our own growth and vitality, and that of our clients.”

    Mizani Media’s premium design packages include logo, menu and printed materials design, product and location photography, and custom websites that are integrated with 72 social networks, Google Translate and Map, Instagram, live social streaming as well as Flickr and Vimeo. His One Web program offers a full spectrum of business internet marketing solutions with designs optimized for use in apps, mobile, desktop, HDTV web and print.

    “As part of our package we offer mobile app contents for IOS and Android devices starting Fall 2015,” said Mizani.

    “Finding just the right word, phrase or statement can make all the difference whether it’s a beautiful website, print brochure or marketing strategy,” said Bieri. “Mizani’s picture perfect images inspire clear, precise and superlative language. Our collaboration aims to deliver the highest level of service that, in turn, brings a high rate of return to our clients.”
    Bieri’s start up packages include initial website editorial for landing or home page and product page, as well as brochure copywriting packages and press kits that include targeted media distribution. She is a well-known food, restaurant and lifestyle writer in the desert area, and has represented marketing clients in the hospitality, health, government, non-profit, and agriculture industries.

    To schedule an appointment, contact Mizani at 1 (844) MIZANI-1
    (1-844-649-2641) or Bieri at (760) 568-4422. Or visit
Mizani Media is your revolutionary Internet, Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, HDTV and Print Solution! All in One

At Mizani Media, a beautiful website is just the beginning. Mizani Media provides a full spectrum of business Internet marketing solutions, specifically designed to meet your needs. The latest technology, resources and tools are integrated with consumer trends to maximize your return on investment.

Mizani Media’s "One Web Platform" transforms a website layout and integrates the platform to accommodate the appropriate device being used by the consumer to access your website. "One Web Platform" adapts seamlessly to Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and large screen HDTV’s.
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Mizani media is focused on the experience that you and your guests have with your next website which is why we focused our attention on providing the features you need to make your business website popular.
Zaino Mizani Creative Director & CEO Mizani Media Inc.
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Product Photography

Mizani Media is developed with a number of advanced features including a responsive layout and sophisticated header area. Take advantage of a user selected opacity, sticky navigation area & animated scroll to content button.
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72 Social Network Management
“Social Streaming Included”

Utilize built in Fontawesome Icons along with 46 social icons to connect with your audience in more ways than one. Mizani Media makes customization easy with tons of options to give you tremendous control over the look of your website.
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Google Mobile Integration
“Location Photography

Responsive web design is slowly making its presence as standard practice versus design luxury which is why Mizani Media is packed with features including a responsive built-in slideshow with 3 different effects including a horizontal, vertical, and fade option.
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